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EPU Research Papers

EPU Research Papers: Issue 01/06:

Andrés Matos/Kathleen Godfrey/Aron Pecnik/Adeleye Oyeniyie: Towards a Global Culture of Peace

EPU Research Papers: Issue 02/06:

Kristin Famula/Luis Gustavo Florez: How to build Peace Networks

EPU Research Papers: Issue 03/06:

Mesfin Getachew: Ethnicity and Ethnic-Conflict in Post-Federal Ethiopia: A case of Mai´so District Conflict Between Oromos and Somalis

EPU Research Papers: Issue 01/07:

Dennis Otieno Oricho: Sudan Conflict and Signing of the Conventional Peace Agreement in Nairobi

EPU Research Papers: Issue 02/07:

Manish Thapa: Back to Negotiation. Prognosis & Diagnosis for Future Negotation Process in Nepal

EPU Research Papers: Issue 03/07:

Adama Sow: Chancen und Risiken von NGOs - Die Gewerkschaften in Guniea während der Unruhen 2007

EPU Research Papers: Issue 04/07:

Kevin Ngang, Che: Understanding the Bakassi Conflict. A Showcase of Conflict Prevention in Practice

EPU Research Papers: Issue 05/07:

Hovee, Mark J.: The Crisis in the Middle East

EPU Research Papers: Issue 06/07:

Maguwu, Farai: Land Reform, Famine and Environmental Degradation in Zimbabwe

EPU Research Papers: Issue 07/07:

Ejibunu, Hassan Tai: Nigeria´s Delta Crisis: Root Causes and Peacelessness

EPU Research Papers: Issue 08/07:

Sow, Adama/Davoodi, Schoresch: The Political Crisis of Pakistan in 2007

EPU Research Papers: Issue 01/08:

Nicolaides, Demetrios: Conflict, Violence and the Case of Cyprus. A Peace Studies Approach to the Cyprus Problem

EPU Research Papers: Issue 02/08:

Czyz, Magdalena: Stopping the Use of Child Soldiers. A Global Perspective

EPU Research Papers: Issue 03/08:

Lahai, Charles: Promoting Human Rights and Consolidating Peace in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone

EPU Research Papers: Issue 04/08:

Bardol, Diane: The Role Media Can Play in the Treatment of Human Trafficking

EPU Research Papers: Issue 05/08:

Bwewusa, William: The Representation of Gender in Media: Role of Media in Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes

EPU Research Papers: Issue 06/08:

Cwik, Leszek: Conflict Transformation and Peace Building through Football

EPU Research Papers: Issue 07/08:

Nwe, Soe Myat: Politics and Ethnic Dimensions of the Conflict in Burma

EPU Research Papers: Issue 08/08:

Yazdany, Hafiza: Women in Afghanistan: Lack of Educational Opportunities

EPU Research Papers: Issue 09/08:

Ejibunu, Hassan Tai: Sudan Darfur Region´s Crisis: Formula for Ultimate Solution

EPU Research Papers: Issue 10/08:

Doyle, Leigh: Hegemony of Violence. Conflict Resolution Practices in Star Trek: Voyager

EPU Research Papers: Issue 11/08:

Lahai, Charles: Promoting Youth Participation in Key Decision Making Processes in Sierra Leone

EPU Research Papers: Issue 12/08:

Sow, Adama/Davoodi, Schoresch: Democracy and Peace in Zimbabwe

EPU Research Papers: Issue 13/08:

Dahal, Jagadish: Impact of Internal Armed Conflict on Human Rights in Nepal

EPU Research Papers: Issue 14/08:

Nandagiri, Rishita: Orienting Yourself

EPU Research Papers: Issue 15/08:

Haj Aissa, Ramzy: Historical Evolution of the Palestinian Political Thought

EPU Research Papers: Issue 16/08:

Reta, Runa: Proactive Presence: A non-violent Strategy for Civilian Protection during Armed Conflict

EPU Research Papers: Issue 17/08:

Petrovic, Maja: How non-violent are UN-Embargoes?

EPU Research Papers: Issue 01/09:

Nicolaides, Demetrios: Applying Conflict in Cyprus. An Alternative Political Settlement and a Ministry of Peace

EPU Research Papers: Issue 02/09:

Waheed, Sayed Hashmmatullah: When is Terrorism really Terrorism?

EPU Research Papers: Issue 03/09:

Azmani,Youssef: The Illusion of Independence from Meaningful Human Relationships and the Negative Effects on Human Flourishing

EPU Research Papers: Issue 01/10

Bendra, Leila: Morocco - A Diagnosis. An Analysis of Nature, Culture and Structure in Morocco

EPU Archive of the UNESCO Chair on Peace, Human Rights & Democracy

Progress Reports

Progress Reports (UNITWIN) and selective information on the UNESCO Chair's activities (in chronological order)


Contributions of the EPU to the UNESCO Chairs' Bulletin, Issues 1(1999) - 6/7 (2004/05)


Documents/Materials of the 3rd International Meeting of UNESCO Chairs in Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Tolerance, Stadtschlaining, 1998, 2000, 2002 (in chronological order)


Bulletin Issues 1999-2005

Selected Documents, References, etc.

Relevant UNESCO/UNITWIN Documents

EPU Thesis Archive

ANDREWS, Brandi Nikole

Cosmopolitanism and Human Rights: Creating a Global Consciousness

BABUR, Udin Zaheer

Violence Against Women in Pakistan: Current Realities and Strategies for Change

BACA, Ferit

United Nations Trusteeship over Kosova. The Road to Independence


The Silk Road. Gender & Education for Peace in Morocco

CHE, Kevin Ngang

Small Arms and Light Weapons, Africa´s True WMDs: The Role of SALW in Conflict and Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa


Democracy, Foreign Policy and Public Perceptions in the United States: Empire or Peace?


Unity Seeing: A Path for building Peace. Concepts and Tools to Transform our World

CZYZ, Magdalena Anna

Applying the ABC Conflict Triangle to the Protection of Children’s Human Rights and the Fulfillment of their Basic Needs: A Case Study Approach

DEL FELICE, Celina Maria

Youth Criminality and Social Conflict in the City of Rosario, Argentina.
Analysis and Proposals for Conflict Transformation


Peace is the Road: An Exploration of the Role of Business in Reducing Structural Violence

EJIBUNU, Hassan Tai

Oil Resources and Violence in Rivers State of Nigeria: Implications and the Way Forward

EWEH, Vera Njie

Human Trafficking and Child Labor in Africa:
Mans Inhumanity to Man

FAMULA, Kristin

Healing Societal Traumas and Transforming Collective Consciousness: A Path to a Culture of Healing

FITZ, Christopher

The Clinton Shift and "Ethnic Conflict":U.S. Media, Foreign Policy and the Myth-making of Ethnic Conflict in the War of Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992-1994

FLÓREZ, Luis Gustavo

Educational Journey to Reconciliation. Attempts for the Colombian Case


The Need for a Global Democracy: Obstacles and Reworking Structure

FROHLICH, Gabriele

Emotional Intelligence in Peace-Journalism


Palestinian Diplomacy: A Glance at the Institutions and the Historical Impact


Integrative Human Development. Alternative Paradigm for Cultural, Social and Material Development

HEMSING, Colleen

Understanding in Context: Nihilism in the English Literature Classroom


The Analysis of Deep Culture as the Reason for Military Tradition in the Society, not a Failure of Democracy - The Turkish Case


Emerging from the Shadows: Finding a Place for Children Born of War

JACK, Anthony

Thailand's Environmental Malaises, Thai Buddhist Responses, Ontology, and a gateway to H.O.P.E - Human Ontological Peace Education


Peaceful Conflict Transformation in Transnistria


From War to Peace: Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Zimbabwe


Why the Path to Peace is Often Paved in Conflict:A Historical Examination of the Doukhobors of British Columbia


MARELLI, Francesco

EU Commissariat for Peace and Conflict
Transformation: Turning 50, the EU can reinvent itself as a Force for Peace


MATOS, Andés

The Multicultural Dialogue Group: A Platform for Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution at the European Peace University


Historical Memory and National Identity - Comparison between Austria and Japan

Mc CORMICK, Kerieva

Deep Cultures of Fear in Europe and Structural Violence Against Roma, Sinti and Gypsy/Travellers in Europe

MIGYIRKA, Erasmus Ndemole

Truth and Reconciliation Commissions: A Comparative Study of South Africa, Ghana and Sierra Leone


Bosnia and Herzegovina – A State of States! Dayton Interventionism and the State Building Process


Employing Conflict Transformation: Theory in Understanding the Cyprus Problem

NWE, Soe Myat

Peace for Burma and Rethinking the Roots of its Conflict

NZOVU, Beatrice Kizi

Women´s Peace Education - The Way to Reduced Structural and Cultural Violence in Kenya

OZAKI, Hanayo

Amnesty Act V.S. ICC. Are Traditional Mechanisms Alternatives to Reconciliation?

PEMAGBI, Joe Hindovei

The Nature and Impact of the Relationship between Non-Governmental Organizations and the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission

PEREZ, Marianne

Moving Mainstream Media Towards a Culture of Peace

PUTNIK, Katarina

Exploring the Serbian Implicit Culture in Relation to Kosovo: Thoughts and Experiences of Young Adults from Kosovo and Serbia

ROQUEZ, Judelia

Holding Inner Peace

ROSSI, Vicky

A Shared Human Identity: The Foundation of a Peace Culture

SATYA, Ali Chemisto

Understanding Inter-Pastoralists´ Conflicts in Uganda: The Chattle Raiding Phenomenon in Kapchorwa District

SOW, Adama

Ethnozentrismus als Katalysator bestehender Konflikte in Afrika südlich der Sahara,  am Beispiel der Unruhen in Côte d`Ivoire


Latin American Liberation Philosophies: Analyzing Hugo Chávez’s Bolivarian Revolution


Georgia after the Collapse of the Soviet Union. A case study in conflict analysis – period from the independence of Georgia till the end of internal conflicts – 1991-1994

UNGER, Julia

Humanitarian Aid and Peace Building: Can they be combined? A Critical Perspective on Humanitarian Organizations in the Field


Another Ten Commandments. A preliminary research into substituting the nation-state

WALDORF, Susanne

A Case Study of Peace Education in Iowa High Schools and Proposal for a New Curriculum

WANG, Beihang

The New Roles of China's Security

WELDEMARIAM, Alemayehu Fentaw

Conflict Management in the Ethiopian Multi-national Federation. A Critical Examination


The Mir Center for Peace: A Search for Values in an Age of Transition



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